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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC1235 Tornador® Blow Gun... a multi-purpose tool that will reduce detailing time. Designed to blow dust and debris out of hard to reach areas; blow water out of jambs and seams. Ideal for interior, exterior and engine areas. The strong, tornado-like funnel of air blasts out dirt and dust quickly and easily. It has the same cone shape as the Tornador® Classic Tool. The cone channels air into a powerful tornado-like motion that quickly lifts dirt and moisture from any surface. The cone covers a larger area than a conventional blow nozzle, yet it is still targeted enough to concentrate tremendous air power right where your vehicle needs it. Must be used with an air compressor capable of operating between 60 and 90 psi.


  1. Wear recommended eye and ear protection.
  2. Connect to air source (50 psi min, 90 psi constant (for optimal performance); do not exceed 110 psi) 
  3. Set air pressure regulator to desired level (60-90 psi). 
  4. Pull the trigger on Tornador® Blow Gun to blow dust, debris or moisture off of surfaces and out of hard to reach areas. (Never point tool at face or body).


  • Speeds up cleaning time 
  • Reach tight spots and areas easily 
  • Low wear and maintenance 
  • Low noise emissions