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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC553 Solid Gold Cream Wax …is an all in one single product developed to clean, shine, and seal in one step. The product uses fine milled polishing agents to give a consistent cut throughout the buffing cycle. Solid Gold works well in both hot and cold climates, without dusting and easy wipe off. A blend of straight chain and cyclic silicone polymers deliver exceptional shine without a greasy residue. The amino functional silicone is a fully active polymer, once cured, gives tight water beading wash after wash. Solid Gold has a pleasing banana fragrance and does not contain traditional harsh solvents.


Wash and dry vehicle. Clay bar vehicle if needed. Shake product well. Product can be applied by hand or machine. For best results, apply four small sized drops onto a primed polishing or finishing pad. Work a 2’x 2’ section at a time. Use a slow back and forth motion until cream wax begins to break down. Wipe off residue with microfiber towel. Severely neglected finishes may need a second application to remove surface defects.


  • All in one product 
  • Cleans, shines, and seals 
  • Fine milled polishing agents 
  • Easy wipe off and no dusting 
  • Tight water beading


  • (6) 16oz Case 
  • (4) 1 – Gallon Case
  • 16oz.
  • 1 Gallon