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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC99203 Penetrant Lubricant…Is an amazing tool for making repair work easier whenever trouble is caused by rust, moisture, dirt or friction. TEC99203 improves mechanical and electrical parts, replaces original electrical valves, penetrates, lubricates, stops rust and corrosion. Frees parts. Stops squeaks. Harmless to rubber, plastics, and painted surfaces. Penetrant Lubricant is used on; locks, switches, spark plugs, exhaust systems, heat risers, aerials, brakes, coils, distributors, nuts and bolts, universal joints, bushings, wires, springs, chokes, motors, air conditioners, linkages, P.C.V. valves, tools, started, alternators, chrome parts, shocks, hinges, generators, battery terminals, carburetor linkage, turn signal, brake assemblies, tie rods.


To Loosen Frozen Parts: Apply freely and allow to run off. To Start Wet Engines: Remove distributor cap and spray complete electrical system sparingly. To Lubricate And Protect Metal: Apply a light, even film. Repeat application as necessary.


  • Contains No Fluorocarbons 
  • Non-Chlorinated 
  • Displace Moisture 
  • Stops Rust and Corrosion 
  • Penetrates and Lubricates 
  • No Trigger Sprayer Problems


  • (12) 11oz Cans/Case
  • Each