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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC1240 Foam-A-Nator… Turn your favorite multi-purpose cleaner or car wash shampoo into a super thick, long-lasting foam. This air-driven foam gun works with your air compressor to produce frothy, rich foam that has amazing cling. Ideal for laying foam that coats and clings to large surfaces. The Foam-A-Nator can be used for interior or exterior detailing. Use it with a carpet cleaner or with car wash shampoo to spray a snow storm of foam. The unique barrel on the gun mixes the cleaning fluid and pressurized air to create a blizzard of foam. You’ll be amazed! The amount of foam is regulated by a pressure valve on the gun. Use as little foam as you need. Reduce cleaning time with the Foam-A-Nator. Uses less cleaning fluid and less water consumption than conventional washing. You also have the choice of two diffuser tips for both wide and narrow applications.