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Empire Car Care Bucket

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  The brand new Empire vehicle Car Care Bucket !
This bucket is filled with all you need for a precise detail, perfect as a gift for any occasion. Give this for the holidays, car purchase, etc. The possibilities are endless.


What is included? 

1) 64oz. Suds To the Ceiling

1) 32oz. One and Done Interior Cleaner/Conditioner

1) 22oz. Wheel Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner

1) 16oz. Ceramic Detail Spray

1) 20oz. Premium Glass Cleaner

1) Wash Sponge

3) Spray heads for 16, 22, and 32 oz bottles

1) Synthetic Wash Mitt with Bug Remover

1) Microfiber Towel

1) 3.5 Gallon Bucket